David Bergsland

Peace in Santa Fe

The beauty of anointed artAscended Light Design was birthed to battle anarchist chaos led by evil demon-possessed people. They moved on in book two to discover, and destroy, a demon-infested sex trafficking ring run by that same group from Scotland. They were luring young Navajo women with promises of support and security so they can escape the horror of the rampant hopelessness in poverty-stricken areas of the Navajo Nation.
This new tale starts with Eloy de Salas, a talented pansexual artist. His gallery is on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, considered one of the top fine art centers in the world. He's doing well, making a good living using focused debauchery as art. But then he sees a slogan for a gallery show that stops him in his tracks. His intellectual construct  disintegrates before his eyes. What is he going to do now? He's told he can find the answers he seeks at Ascended Light.
On the other hand is Haseya, one of the beautiful demon-possessed Navajo trophy wives. She was purchased by a political power monger in Santa Fe, who uses her for dispensing favors to lust-driven politicians to get laws passed for that evil group out of Scotland behind the whole mess. He has a prominent gallery on Canyon Road, simply as a money-maker. His multiple demons can let him know who the next fashionable artists are-well before the rest of the world is told. She asked for the demon and is completely controlled by hers. Hope is not an option for her.
The Lord has plans for both of them, and they don't have a clue. But He has His ways. He snares Eloy with his own mind. Once Eloy is His, he leads him on a path resulting in strong intercession for Haseya. His whole world has been turned around, and now he has to befriend and pray for the most beautiful woman he has ever seen? What could go wrong with that? I mean, he's a righteous believer now, right?

368 printed pages
Original publication



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