Bryan Eaton

Success Platforms

In Success Platforms, author and certified project management professional (PMP), Bryan Eaton, details the twelve platforms that one must conquer to truly achieve success. With over 20 years of successful business experience with major U.S. firms in areas from broadcasting to healthcare, Eaton brings real world experiences into this holistic, integrated approach to achieving success.
Having a successful platform is critical to the release of books, films and products. Yet, many ask “What is a platform?” Until now, there has been no definitive guide to building a successful platform. In an innovative perspective, Success Platforms expands the subject to include all the areas and tasks that are rarely brought into a single platform discussion. 
This insightful guide looks at each of the component platforms that combine to make that successful platform. Success Platforms"" breaks each area down to manageable components within each individual platform area.
Individual exercises dig deeper into each subject and peel away the layers to acquire keen insights for achieving successful incremental steps to building your platform. As each platform is implemented, a synergy between the platforms organically combines to build your ""Success Platforms"".
With humorous and relevant anecdotes, Eaton reveals the step-by-step means to bring successful change to anything. As with all great guides, the hazards that can be obstacles to success are exposed and countered. Success Platforms provides hands-on guidance to building the support systems that reduce risks and the unexpected in day to day success building.
If you’ve ever wondered how success triumphs over failures to reach your goals, then this is your guidebook.
135 printed pages
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