Your Journey of Life Is to Get You to Wake Up but It's Never Easy, Lizabeth Caceres
Lizabeth Caceres

Your Journey of Life Is to Get You to Wake Up but It's Never Easy

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse by both parents, sexual abuse by older men. I endured it all through my childhood. Loud music, drugs, prostitution, murder, death, deception, witnessing my father’s sexual interactions with relatives—that was the life I knew. But I longed for something different. I wanted out. Somewhere deep inside, I knew I didn't belong. Because of that, I suffered hard. The beautiful little girl within me was broken into little pieces, and I felt so alone. I suffered deep within my soul.
Until the light shined on me, brighter than the moment I was born into this life.
Life is like a roller coaster—there are always ups and downs. Sometimes you feel like you are going in circles with no way out. But by looking deep within your soul, you will see you are much more than what others think. You just have to wake up, and become aware of who you really are and what you are meant to do in this world. No one is alone in this journey we call life. All you have to do is call upon God, the source of all love. That is when you will truly understand your divine purpose in life.
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