Disjointed Theories of the Universe, Stephen Seabaugh
Stephen Seabaugh

Disjointed Theories of the Universe

This unique work of fiction is a collaboration between two wildly disparate authors. Stephen Seabaugh is 64 years young, while Alysa Deets is 24 years old.Disjointed Theories of the Universe: A Travelogue of the Mind and Musings presents reflections on past memories, juxtaposed by fresh-faced teenage pain and frustration.Insightful and poetic, the book is written with an aching rhythm. Dyslexics with Attention Deficit Disorder may really enjoy this book, for there is no consistent narrative, just a collage of story and images that can be read in no particular order. Many characters share a thread of association, but most of the vignettes can be read as individual pieces that require little background.One author’s face looks at the stars, the other wonders how cold the ground is, but both echo the same theme: How does the mind construct such complexities from simple hungers of the heart? There are no answers in Disjointed Theories, just some interesting observations that probe the mind.
74 printed pages


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