Herman “Ray” Barber

Stop the Sabotage

Stop the Sabotage: Making and Maintaining Change During Difficult Times is written for those who are tired of starting over only to fall back into old behavior. If you are feeling discouraged and are telling yourself that maintaining a desirable change just isn’t going to happen, now you have a guide to understand why success hasn’t occurred. Before learning more concepts, learn how to eliminate those personal choices that have sabotaged your ability to keep change going. If you have been devouring self-help information for years and haven’t succeeded with your personal change agenda, this information isn’t wasted once you identify and eliminate the sabotages that have you stuck. Learning more concepts the equivalent of putting perfume over body odor. “Stop the Sabotage: Making and Maintaining Change During Difficult Times” is the equivalent of taking a bath before putting on perfume and new clothes. It keeps it real and keeps the focus on you, not on others. Those who cannot identify exactly what needs to happen differently for their lives to improve for the better now have a view of the dynamics that stop our efforts to maintain change and to continually move forward. Whether you discount perfectly good information, spend time and energy swimming up-stream, cannot develop a solid support network or use your strengths to move forward, these and other self-sabotaging issues will be history. If you are tired of playing with change, get serious. “Stop the Sabotage: Making and Maintaining Change During Difficult Times” calls for self-honesty and your willingness to take a personal inventory of yourself. If you aren’t ready for the challenge just yet, buy “Stop the Sabotage” and give it to someone who is serious with getting on with his or her life. If you believe you are worth it, spend a little time, effort and money improving your life.
142 printed pages
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