Laura Lovecraft

Movies With Mom

Tony loves mother-son porn, especially POV style showing the moms doing all the things he wished his mother would do for him. When he gets caught watching one, he thinks he's in trouble, but instead his mother seems intrigued and asks him why it's such a hot fantasy. Tony thought nothing could be hotter than a mom-son movie. But there is something hotter, making one with your own mother!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He was just passing Mom’s room when she called out, “Hey, Tony, can you come in here a minute?”

He froze where he was and took a deep breath. Okay, eyes on just her face and keep telling yourself this is not a porn star playing Mom, it is Mom. He repeated that to himself several times as he turned and entered her room.

“What’s going on Mom? I…what are you doing with that?”

His mother was sitting on the small chair by her window and pointing the camcorder at him.

“What’s it look like?” she asked. “I’m filming you. Tony, you should really be wearing more than just those little shorts around your mother, you know.”

“I thought you were downstairs and I was going into…” He rolled his eyes. “Mom put that damn thing down.”

“Why? It’s fun.” Mom laughed and stood up.

That’s when Tony noticed what she was wearing.

“Whoa Mom!” he made a show of turning his head. “I don’t think I’m the one who should be worried about what he’s wearing.”

His mother was wearing a short lacy nightie. No, let’s face it, it was pretty much lingerie. Even though he had turned his head away with appropriate speed and not stared, the image was burned into his damn eyelids.

The nightie was pink, no correct that, sheer pink and in that brief look he’d gotten, Tony was able to see her breasts through the gauzy material.

The nightie barely went to her upper thigh and the see through material had granted him a look at the skimpy thong she wore beneath it. Before he’d turned he’d noted she had matching thigh high stockings on and heels.

She was dressed like a damn porn star and even now as he remained looking away, he wondered if she were taking busting his balls to an entirely new level.

“What’s the matter, Tony? I thought you’d like seeing me in this. After all, isn’t this how you think a mom should dress for her son?”

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