C.S. McConnell

The Adventures of Jack and Emma

Set in an enchanted forest brimming with creatures thought only to live in fairy tales, The Adventures of Jack and Emma: Troll Snot and Dragon Breath is an action-packed, highly-readable magical adventure story about the hope, bravery, and destiny of Jack and Emma Thatcher.

Eleven-year-old Jack Thatcher, and his fourteen-year-old sister Emma lived ordinary lives in a sleepy seaside town, and thought their lives would always be normal. But after a vicious sea serpent attacks their parents sail boat, and Max and Mildred are presumed missing forever, the brother and sister's lives are suddenly turned upside down. They have no choice but to move into a decrepit old house, in the middle of a vast forest, with a peculiar great aunt they'd never heard of.

It isn't long before Jack and Emma find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime. They discover a swarm of displaced fairies living in the attic above their room that need Jack and Emma's help. The fairies want to get their home back from the troop of stinkyslimy trolls that took it, under orders of an evil leader known only as the Dark One, but aren't strong enough to do it themselves. Not knowing anything about trolls or fairies, the brother and sister use the library to learn as much as they can, but quickly hear more than they bargained for. Jack and Emma are elves, real live elves, and royal elves at that; whose true nature has been suppressed their entire lives because they weren't around others like themselves. At first, they just don't believe it. But when their aunt tells them, and reveals the complexity of their royal heritage too, they have no reason not to.

On their journey, Jack and Emma make new friends and fantastic discoveries. They witness a ferocious griffin and gargoyle fight, ride their aunt's pet dragon, barter with a pair of feisty mermaids, and battle alongside other elves against the Dark One and its legion, an evil army attempting to take over their new home.

Are the brother and sister brave enough to succeed in fulfilling their royal destinies: protecting the fairies and new home? Their strengths are tested while learning the value of never giving up hope in this action-packed fantasy adventure story.

Troll Snot and Dragon Breath is fun, fast-paced, and highly readable (82% readability, 4th grade level) magical adventure story; sure to keep the attention of middle grade readers at just 58,500 words.
232 printed pages
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