Brandon Gilta

Serotonin Diet

Do you love your regular dose of carbs? Do you notice some weight gain after taking anti-depressant medications? Do you happen to binge eat during a strict weight loss regimen? Do you ever feel hollow, tired, and emotional due to your diet? Then, maybe you need a breather— a quick sanity break to think and to shift gears.

The leading experts in human nutrition and diet, Dr. Judith J. Wurtman and Dr. Nina Frusztajer Marquis push for a kind of weight loss program called Serotonin Diet. This eating regimen aims to maximize the potential of a brain chemical called serotonin in controlling your appetite and eating habits.

Unique to its kind, the serotonin diet breaks the customary love-hate relationship between carbohydrates and weight loss. It also powers through antidepressant medications, giving you full control over your appetite. Most importantly, the serotonin diet is found to reduce the stress and mental fatigue you often experience with low-carbohydrate diets. To simply say, a serotonin diet keeps your eating demons in check.

In this guide, you will discover and learn everything there is about the serotonin diet. This guide will try to answer the lingering questions about this type of diet:

What is the role of serotonin in your daily diet and overall weight?
Who can and cannot do a serotonin diet?
What other health benefits would you get from a serotonin diet?
What steps should you make to successfully transition to a serotonin diet?
What types of food are you allowed and prohibited under a serotonin diet?
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