Alex Gold

The Velvet Prison

The Velvet Prison is the first instalment of The Chronicles of Samek, a boy brought into the world at the start of the 29th century, a world utterly different from our own after the Chaos, the near-destruction of the planet wrought by the aggression, greed, stupidity and massive overpopulation of the world in the middle years of the 21st century.
Samek, created by a scientist, Zelda, a woman he calls mother, from the mixing of DNA of nineteen ‘parents’ living and dead, a child designed to enjoy unprecedented gifts and abilities to use in the service of his mother. This child, raised on an isolated estate by his creator, in a house shared with Zelda, with a man he calls uncle, and his siblings — twin sisters and a brother, each also created by Zelda with their own special gifts.
Samek endures a strange, sheltered and protected upbringing during which he slowly begins to take the first trepidatious steps into his society, gradually realising the potential of his gifts. He learns to move objects and people through space, and eventually, as a young man, he takes the fearful leap to hurl himself through space and time. He emerges in London in the early years of the 21st century,  where he finds a naturally gifted woman, unaware of her abilities, and he tries to help her to prepare for the looming catastrophe of the Chaos shortly to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
In the meantime, back in his own era, there is ever-increasing antagonism between his wayward mother who created her offspring in clear breach of the law, and the Council, the governing body of the future world. This rising antipathy will eventually lead to a showdown between the two opposing sides, and a disaster that will have never-ending repercussions for all involved.
The second part of Samek’s Chronicles will see the young man make another trip in time. He will be dragged once again back to London, but this time in the middle of the 19th century. As before, he has been pulled towards a naturally gifted person, a young man who Samek hopes to be able to help come to terms with his abilities. Later instalments will see Samek travel back to encounter other hugely gifted people in different times and places in the distant past. And while he travels, the hostility between his mother and the Council continues, never abating, always threatening the destruction of all Samek holds dear.
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