Robert Seutter

Brass Jack: Little Lost Princeling

The Hero of the Rift is dead. And he’d like to stay that way. Brass Jack Solomon, retired spy and provocateur, has worked hard to be forgotten, since the alternative is to be very dead and remembered everywhere. But when a young Imperial Psi-Lord decides he should throw a revolution in the name of true love, Jack finds himself shepherding the naïve and enthusiastic youth into hiding, before the Empire of Man can come calling and put an end to the young lord’s plans. However, Lady Destiny and the Empire have plans of their own for Jack. Deep in the grip of a twenty-year war with the Organi and desperate to win, the Empire has set its sights on Lem-Bob, a low-tech backwater of a world, and on the young lord Jack’s trying so hard to hide. Except no plan survives first contact with the enemy, and before he knows it, the Empire gives Jack a choice: fight for the Empire… or die. Now Jack will have to leave his retirement and get back in the Game—even if it means leaving everyone he cares about behind.
315 printed pages
Original publication



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