Broken Beyond Repair, Jeffrey D. Thiemig
Jeffrey D. Thiemig

Broken Beyond Repair

Billy lived in Springville, Idaho with his on-again off-again boyfriend Dakota, who was cruel and emotionally abusive to him until Dakota finally left. Billy, heartbroken, ends up getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and finds himself in a drug conspiracy and sentenced to seven years in Federal Prison. He's let out on the yard by the one calling the “Shots” for the white race. And against all the white gangs protests Lane puts trust in Billy that he will do the right thing. A year after he's released, his former lover Lane is killed in a riot when he runs into Dakota once again. But this time Dakota wants him back. They live together until a tragic even takes Dakota's life. And at that same spot, where Dakota found Billy years ago, heartbroken and hurting, a new man finds Billy and wants into his life. But will Billy allow another man into his heart again?
330 printed pages
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