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Beautiful and Ticklish

Another latin beauty agreed to be your ticklish toy. The 21 year old Mafer. She is awesome so you must get know her ticklish reactions.


How to play?

In the game you can tickle 5 exciting bodyparts of this beauty. Firstly you have to choose wich bodypart you’d love to tickle, then you can choose the way of tickling.
For example: You choose the feet, then you choose from the 5 opportunity. You have to click only on the picture of the bodypart after that on one of the „devices”.

These are:
Tickling with 1 finger slowly. Tickling one finger fast. Tickling with fingers slowly. Tickling with fingers fast. Tickling with feather.

When you click one of them you’ll get the beauty’s reaction according to her answers in the interview I have made with her. Every steps means 12 seconds of tickling like the way you have chosen.

So. These are real reaction.

But wait. You have to be clever as well. You should pay attention of her reactions. If you give too much for her she could loose her stamina or get angry with you and you have to finish the game and start again. Every route has three winner combination of tools.

So be careful and cruel in the same time…

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