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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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If you're thinking to learn to understand your feelings and you want to improve your personal relationships, the best solution for you is to start an inner journey to find your emotional intelligence. That means you will be able to reach a balance between mind and body, getting acquainted with your own feelings and juxtaposing them with other people's feelings.

Goleman says that some characteristics of emotional competence are essential in order to live a full and emotionally balanced life.

What will we be able to do with a high emotional intelligence?
If we ever found a way to increase it, would we be the same then?

Now, imagine you have taken a group of children at the park. One of them starts crying because the others don't want to play with him. What do you do?
you stay out of it; you let the children handle the question themselves.You talk to him trying to help him understand what to do.You try to calm him down gently. You try to distract the crying child with other possible toys or games. 

In which one of these four people do you reflect yourself? Only you know it, it's your little secret.

I'm sure that after you realize how to take advantage of the main emotional intelligence technique for achieving your goals, your answer to the questions above will never be the same.
Because you've discovered, you've understood, you've become a better person.

You will not be a better person to me, of course. Neither to the others. You will a better person to yourself and this is all that matters. So that you can have better social and familiar relationships, being able to grow more valuable relationships at work and having more possibilities to understand yourself too.


Thanks to this book :
You'll get acquainted with the 5 basic principles that rule the emotional intelligence. You'll be able to control your emotions exploiting them to reach success at workplace. You'll be able to command the main technique to use in order to change your mind and increase your emotional intelligence. 

You will also get a plan of action to use immediately after the reading.

Why do many people choose to study this very popular topic? Because emotional intelligence is more important than your technical abilities to reach professional growth. Because thanks to this, people will listen to you and understand you better. Last but not least, because the lack of emotional intelligence makes us do terrible mistakes which can jeopardize our professional career.

Don't wait and start studying now all these simple steps to become a better person.
Remember that at the end of the book you will find a plan with all the tools that can help you practicing everything you've learned before. Trust me, it's not that difficult.
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