Louise Burton

Explicit Erotic Sex Stories

What do you get when two love birds decided to go out of space for vacation, absolute fun, and enjoyment? Sweethearts Peyton and Jenna decided to leave on a space experience. They decided to lodge, which was a damn good choice; they just got paid, so they were prepared financially for their trip. The adventure was a no time-wasting one as the two lovers began to have their fun almost immediately; why waste time when time is precious and counting. They started their experience on a sweet jolly ride. They were having sex at every point of their vacation and any given opportunity. The trip's sole aim was to bond sexually and be intimate with each other, without providing any form of attention to what is happening around them-a journey where only them matters. The sex was a great one, and it was something they would look forward to repeatedly. The trip was well planned and every moment was well spent. Peyton and Jenna were going to store it in their memory for a long time to come

109 printed pages
Original publication
Louise Burton



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