Victor Jay

Love's Pawn

It was just a few weeks after his new stepfather Carl had moved into their house that the trouble began for Lenny Adams. Lenny'd had a difficult upbringing. His real father had left early, and his mother was utterly selfish. But when Carl savagely rapes the teenaged boy, Lenny's life changes forever. He tries to make it on his own, but he's always forced back to relying on his good looks and natural charm. Men--women--it makes no difference to Lenny: they're all part of the game, they're ripe fruit waiting to be plucked from the tree. As he descends further into crime and degeneracy, Lenny begins losing control. Will he find a way to restore the balance, or will his desire for money and power finally destroy LOVE'S PAWN?
96 printed pages
Original publication

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