Savannah Stoddard

Mrs. Harper Isn't Satisfied

Mrs. Harper's sexual appetite is insatiable. Left home alone, bored and horny how will Mrs. Harper ease her sexual frustrations? While masturbating Mrs. Harper randomly blurts out that she wishes someone would fuck her. Magically, a fairy godmother appears and accommodates Mrs. Harper with a glass strap on. Is the fairy godmother for real? Will Mrs. Harper get another wish? The fairy godmother grants Mrs. Harper a sexual fantasy and she finds herself transported to a different era and yurt hut with two warrior brothers who take turns conquering her. Sexually spent Mrs. Harper finds herself missing the safety and security of her home and husband. What will her next wish be? This story contain hot, straight, guy on girl sex. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Get it Now and Enjoy!
29 printed pages
Original publication



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