David Kevill

Yes, But What Now

Sarah was always eager to care for the injured birds and animals that she frequently found on the local moors. She cared for them until they were strong enough to be independent and care for themselves. It was always sad to say goodbye to one of her patients but she knew they would be able to look after themselves.

With each release she thought back to that fateful day on the moors behind John's farmhouse. John had forced her, indeed demanded her to release him, to get out of his life. Sarah knew that he was far from being strong enough to survive on his own but the ferocity with which he pushed her out of his life gave her no option.

That was two years ago and Sarah hadn't heard anything from or about John since. Where was he? How was he? Was he still alive? She was about to find out but would John ever roam the Yorkshire moors again?
352 printed pages
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