Ellen Janzen

Dancing on the Verge of Dawn

Dancing on the Verge of Dawn is a collection of stories, essays, and poems by women who've experienced uncertainty, upheaval and loss in the inevitable challenges of life. Many of them have lived cross-culturally in vastly different cultural settings where they faced isolation and restriction long before COVID-19 came along. Using these memories they invited reflection and insight from their own journey.

They asked themselves the questions-when was God's presence near to me through a hard time? What did I gain from the challenge-or how did I learn to connect to God more deeply in that time?

Although the book is about serious themes, there is joy and gratitude woven into these stories. Above all, it gives the reader a sense of companionship as we have all faced a challenge at some time. And hope-there is hope for each one of us to gain something of value from the hard season we are in just now.
120 printed pages
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