Tyrone Berg

Monarchs of the Ocean

The world of a Sperm Whale is a challenge from the struggle to get the first breath until the last breath. A young Sperm Whale being born is under siege from the moment of birth, vulnerable through the years of a young calf, vulnerable through the juvenile years and in the school of life no lesson is easy, no lesson is a guidance to the next level, each one is another harsh reality, each lesson comes another scar, another badge to wear.
As an adult Sperm Whale, he reigns supreme, he is a monarch of his world he bows to none!
An adult male Sperm Whale has but one nemesis one, enemy than can harm him, one that can bring him to heel — Man! These too arch enemies will dance the dance of life for nigh on sixty years, time and time again one using his wit and bulk one there tools their weapons.
This is the life of a sperm whale — Scar!
93 printed pages
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