The Poetry Of Easter, Robert Browning
Robert Browning

The Poetry Of Easter

For Christians Easter is a special festival of events which recognises and honours the crucifixation and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In recent times much of it has been submerged beneath consumerism and Easer Eggs. For the faithful it is a time to practice and worship over several weeks in devotion to the Church. Our collection, though centered on our poets writings and musings on Easter as a religious festival, also take in such powerful works as events that happened at Easter such as WB Yeats forceful telling of the Easter Rising in Easter 1916. Poetry is a great source of putting feelings and thoughts into beautiful patterns of words that carry and deliver so much. Here Gerald Manley Hopkins, Robert Browning, John Keble, Edmund Spenser and George Herbert are but several who bring you the works in this volume to such great and passioned effect.
55 printed pages


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