It is I, Amadeus: Channeled Messages from Spirit, Frances Pullin
Frances Pullin

It is I, Amadeus: Channeled Messages from Spirit

After pondering questions like, “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” for most of her life, Frances Pullin thought she'd unearthed some answers. Then a personal tragedy cloaked her in darkness and launched a life-changing spiritual journey.

When Frances lost her son Damon, she felt hopeless and disconnected from life – until a group of enlightened souls on the Other Side began communicating to her through journaling. These wise beings, including famed composer Amadeus Mozart, gently taught her how to love herself and others and bring practical spirituality into her life. Eventually, Frances was not only taking down the words of her Unseen Friends, but allowing them to speak through her. She kept these messages private for many years, but now this book shares the teachings that healed her heart and other hearts as well.

You, too, can communicate with the Unseen World, as Frances guides you, step by step, toward a spirituality she calls “The New Normal.”

You'll discover how…

Guided meditation for just a few minutes a day can heal your life

Your chakra system connects you to practical guidance from your Inner Being

Aligning with synchronicity allows the power of the Universe to flow through you and fulfill your dreams

Your Guides and Angels are always with you, offering guidance to meet life's challenges
It is I, Amadeus offers powerful, loving lessons that will jumpstart and nurture your spiritual growth. If you're looking for a practical approach to spirituality, Frances Pullin's personal journey will both guide and inspire you. This book opens the door to communicating with your Friends and Teachers on the Other Side, so that you can receive the love that unites us all and heals mankind.

The time is now. Go in love, light and laughter for eternity…
172 printed pages
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