Scott Williams

Church Diversity

Diversity in the Church Matters to God
The local Church is the hope of the world Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best over 45 years ago: “We must face the sad fact that at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning, when we stand to sing… we stand in the most segregated hour in America.”
What an unfortunate reality that many still face today. Have you ever been asked the question, “Is your church a white church or a black church?”…No, it’s God’s Church!
Church Diversity discusses topics such as:
How we can begin to implement change today What key insights, strategies and practical tips can help Who are the leading voices in diversity and what can they teach the Church This resource is a tool to foster the tough conversations and encourage decision-making to change the face and heart of the Church.
There is already a community out there passionate about this topic and moving the Church forward. Hundreds of them uploaded their photos and can be seen throughout the pages of this book. Their twitter names are also included so you can begin connecting with them today!
WE ARE CHURCH DIVERSITY “Whatever racial woes we face in America, they cannot be dealt with by politicians or Washington D.C., but rather by the local church…help our nation navigate through this critical and much needed conversation on race.”
– J.C. Watts, Jr., Former Member of Congress
“…Scott Williams is ever seeking to see this gift opened and embraced. His book, like his life and ministry, is an invitation to the most rewarding of all human journeys.”
– Jim Hanon, Writer/Director End of the Spear
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