Paige Land

My Spiritual Journal of Guided Meditations

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The source of our power is within us. As we take time to daily commune
with Spirit, disconnect from negative energy forces, and ground ourselves
in Mother Earth, we gain access to the Divine. Meditation is just one
source we can use to tap into this amazing life force that has the ability to
transform and recreate the lives we were meant to lead.
My Spiritual Journal of Guided Meditations can open the door for you to
release, endure, and embrace all that you are meant to learn along your
journey in this life. The meditations will enlighten you and give you courage
to face and conquer situations that often leave people discouraged. You
will meet spirit guides, connect with the other side and gain a clearer
understanding of energy and how it affects us on a much deeper level than
we are aware. You will be led to let go of past life restraints and negative
energy cords that leave our soul cloudy and blocked from the divine. By
the completion of this book you will embody a lighter soul with a clearer
understanding of your purpose in life.
The audio that is included will guide you through the meditations, and after
each meditation, you will be given the opportunity to answer questions and
create your own artistic piece of work. This will help you to remember every
detail of the experience for later reflection. When you are finished, you will
have created YOUR own spiritual journal to cherish and gain insight from
for years to come. The meditations in this book will become sacred to you
as they lead you to greater spiritual knowledge.
As you open the pages of this book you will feel the divine influence of
its creation. From beginning to end, this book consists of 13 channeled
meditations directly shown to the author in dreams or visions. Not only will
the descriptive writing attract you, but the energy of the custom audio that
is included will draw you into and guide you through the meditations with
ease, regardless of whether you are a beginning or seasoned practitioner
of meditation
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