Cookin' for Cures, Angie Andrews
Angie Andrews

Cookin' for Cures

Cookin’ for Cures
Healthy recipes that not only taste fantastic, but with fresh Aloe vera will help you be healthy.
The  government has promoted five vegetables, two fruit for many years and I am just adding to this by stating that eating more raw veggies and adding herbs increases the vitamin intake by double, a finding the Australian and American journals came out with a while ago, with also adding Aloe vera which helps repair and maintain the bodies healthy cells and reject harmful ones.
A change of eating and drinking habits to do while seeing your doctor.
Some of the things Aloe vera can assist in healing are: liver cancer, HIV/aids, lymph gland cancer, prostate cancer, baldness, bone cancer, skin cancer, corrects infertility, diabetes 1 and 2, arthritis, eczema, stomach ulcers, cold sores, herpes, kidney disease, fewer baby deformities, better health for pregnant women, infected sores healed in two weeks, stops sunburn before you go into the sun.
Dr HP Guerra IV MD IHH FOP says after just taking Aloe vera for a few weeks: “The results from the book is more resilient skin, better energy, more rapid healing etc. Not to mention the weight loss has been a nice additive.”
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