JK Hoffman

Forgotten Cowgirl

A young adventurous tomboy takes on life in the untamed Arizona Territory. Her exploits shape her into whom she will become…a woman, highly respected in gold mining and cowboying.
Early on she meets the man who would become the center of her life and the ominous prediction of her childhood. A “seer” and a small black onyx horse tries to protect her from the inevitable premonition; “Beware of a man and a black horse.”
Ignoring the warnings, Lizzie continues to love the handsome cowboy, Ed. Leaving him, only after he shames her in town.
Having no choice but to leave town, following a man her senior, who once courted her mother. She finds herself married and in the heart of the gold rush in the Yukon. She must prove her worth to him, but more importantly to herself.
Suffering eight years of loneliness and tragedies, Lizzie makes a bold decision to return to her family and friends in the mountain community that is dear to her heart.
A chance meeting with Ed, turns her life back into happier times. Trusting his word that he is a changed man, leaving his womanizing, hard drinking, gambling, and rough lifestyle behind. Anxious to have a real life and the ranch she had always dreamed about.
Lizzie gained the respect of other ranchers in the area at a cost of distancing Ed. Eventually putting into motion the ominous warning from the seer so long ago.

334 printed pages
Original publication



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