The Unbreakable Spirit of the Unbreakable Man, Maxine Steele
Maxine Steele

The Unbreakable Spirit of the Unbreakable Man

My name is Nicholas Steele, and they call me the Unbreakable Man.

I have an amazing story to tell, and every word of it is true: the horrors, heartbreaks, miracles, and triumph.

When a lightning-struck tree fell on me in 2008, it did more than just paralyze me from the neck down: ultimately, it broke my wife's spirit, destroyed my marriage, and ripped my family apart. I found myself pounded by setback after setback.

But despite the cards Fate dealt me, I refused to give in to despair. When the doctors told me I would never walk again, I literally forced myself to heal, until I could once again stand on my own two feet and move under my own power

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm not the modern equivalent of the Biblical Job, tested by God for reasons beyond my comprehension. But whatever has come my way, however the weight of circumstances has bowed me down and tried to obliterate my spark, I have refused to give up. I keep climbing back to my feet, even when people tell me it's literally impossible to do so. I have refused to give up hope. I have refused to accept the ending I was written, but have changed it, against all the odds. I don't say this to boast, but in the hope that I can inspire others to do the same; or at the very least, to know it's possible, no matter what trials they've undergone, or are currently suffering. The human spirit truly is unbreakable, if you're determined to keep stepping forward, learning from your mistakes, refusing to let despair hinder you. Take it from me: I've been there, and made it through the fire; not unchanged, but forged into something new and stronger.

No matter how broken you may be in body, reputation, or spirit, you'll never fail as long as you refuse to give up. We've all heard this before—so often, perhaps, that it's become trite in most of our minds. But I've learned this lesson the hard way. I invite you to relearn it with me.

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