Kevin Jobson

Puppy Training for a Good Dog

Are you the leader of your pack? Do you think owning a puppy is only about cuteness and cuddles? It's time to learn the secrets of raising an obedient, loyal, and respectful dog.
If you've never owned a dog before, you may be overwhelmed by the reality of training, feeding, and caring for your dog in the most effective way possible.
You, too, can learn how to become your dog's person, that certain someone they turn to for guidance and protection-the leader of the pack.
Long ago, the ancestors of dogs crept closer to our fires, and we have shared an unshakable bond with our canine companions ever since. Dogs have been used in war, hunting, racing, service, and for companionship. Where there's a footprint in history, there's a pawprint next to it.
If you want to build a meaningful, respectful, and loving relationship with your canine companion, then this book is for you. Become the leader your dog seeks, and the human they deserve.
Learn from the very best, and teach your dog to be the best pack member they can be. From sit, stay, and wait, to respect for the pecking order, this book has it all. Build your own training regimen in a fun and meaningful way, to ensure you get the most out of your relationship with your tail-wagging friend.
Develop the skills you need to become an effective leader, trainer, and caregiver for your precious dog.
Inside Puppy Training for a Good Dog, you will develop these skills:
●     Caring for your dog's overall wellbeing
●     Discipline training
●     Obedience development
●     Healthcare
●     Learning about and understand canine mannerisms

All of the finer points of training, caring for, and enjoying a meaningful relationship with your furry companion are right here.
From dogs throughout history up to the modern dog, you will learn how our relationship with man's best friend has evolved with our ever-changing needs.
Your journey to training your dog is personal, and this book will inform, guide, and excite a dog trainer of any skill level — from someone who is getting their first bundle of fluff to someone who has already been around the block on the other end of a leash.
97 printed pages
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