Terrance Zepke

Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids

From Blackbeard to female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the stories behind some infamous buccaneers and their way of life are revealed. Learn why they became pirates and how they found their treasure. See what kinds of ships they sailed and how they talked. Then enjoy fun pirate activities and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Before you know it, you'll be able to answer questions like: When was the Golden Age of Piracy? —see page 5What did pirates eat? —see page 6Did pirates really have wooden legs? —see page 7What is a sloop? —see page 10What is hardtack? —see page 15Does piracy still exist today? —see page 18What was the name of Blackbeard's flagship? —see page 24How were women able to disguise themselves and become pirates? —see page 37Which pirate was known as the “Arch Pirate”? —see page 41What languages did pirate Billy Lewis speak? —see page 45Who was Woodes Rogers and why was he sent to the Bahamas? —see page 51Did pirates follow any rules? —see page 54What famous author wrote a story about Captain Kidd's buried treasure? —see page 59Full of fun facts and colorful art, Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids details the life of a pirate in the Golden Age of Piracy and introduces nine of the most famous pirates to weigh anchor in the Carolinas.
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