Pillar of Rock, Stuart Haywood
Stuart Haywood

Pillar of Rock

65 million years ago a catastrophic event caused the inhabitants of Mars to abandon their home world for a primitive planet close by. The evolution of mankind – was it natural, or was the human race designed? 1099, during the siege of Jerusalem, a Knight discovers a golden box and returns with it to England. It is safeguarded for centuries until 2014. Two factions need the box, both have the desire to use it for their own ends. But both will result in the annihilation of mankind. Detective Inspector Carlisle joins the quest when she is assigned to a murder case. She then finds that she is equally sought after. Mel teams up with a professor to solve the remaining clues leading to the box. From Derbyshire to Edinburgh Castle. They are pursued by the deadly group of assassins known as the Messorem. The White House and Downing Street have faith in the detective and assist in the quest. She finally has to decide which course of action to take once she recovers the artifact, to save humanity or to save herself.
353 printed pages
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