You too can live to be a Hundred, Ted Roggen
Ted Roggen

You too can live to be a Hundred

We have not organized names, places, and pictures to be in any
specific order, but have chosen names, such as Dr. Cooley, Dr.
Cooley’s daughter, Alan Flager, and Henry Tejano to be leading
Several pages of extra space were allocated to my dear friends,
Russell Ybarra, Heather McKeon, and Chris Kase.
I have spent many hours in assembling the material for my book.
The readers of my book will get to know many of the leading
names in my book.
There is not any author that can assemble any book he has
written without some professional assistance, so I am grateful
and indebted to Joe Diouf for the hours he has given me in
typing many of the pages, and correcting my grammatical
mistakes, I say “THANK YOU”.
Joe Diouf is the Operations Manager at Bayou Bend Towers.
62 printed pages
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