Nigel Clayton


NOTE: You do not need to have read the previous three book in the series, as this can be considered a stand-alone book, but the history of Stephen will be an advantage.
This book is the work of fiction, the story of the creation of the women warriors and El Dorado, and a story of Spanish explorers travelling the Amazon River. History is plagued with reports of the Holy Grail, of its existence and where it can be found. Tales of El Dorado and the Amazons have also flooded the world. Why is it that the Spanish never encountered the true city of the Amazons, or did they? Stories rose upon the tongue of the Spanish invader of a man covered in gold, the Golden Prince. And what is the link between the Golden Prince and the women warriors of the Amazon? Where did the stories come from? This fictional account of the travels of Orellana and Carvajal offers a simple solution to a puzzle that simply cannot be solved: and for what reason?
156 printed pages
Original publication



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