Scott Miller

Chance of Precipitation

  After 22 years as a college coach, a new athletic director and a restless alumni group has Randy Albertson ready for a change. His best friend, Adam Chadwick, has a successful car dealership in another state and Randy makes the jump, but not with the backing of his family he soon realizes.
After a promising start a series of calamities befall Adam and Randy is swept up in the tide. After Adam is arrested and charged with fraud, Randy is arrested and charged with fraud Randy is all that is left to run the lot. The bad press from the charges and the recession cause car sales to lag severely and Randy soon loses everything, including his family.
With everything and everyone gone, Randy finally faces his problems and struggles forward to get back on his feet with the help of his best friend, an old acquittance, and the hope of getting his lost family back.

291 printed pages
Original publication



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