Kimberly M Lowe

Midnight Assistant: You Vs Them

What are you willing to sacrifice to follow your heart? Could you turn your back on all that you fought to attain? And what lengths would you go to hold on to and protect what you need?

Yang Jiyong is the 24 year old cold leader of the biggest boy band in South Korea, the Kingz. He's also a musical prodigy and business manager at his label YMusic Jiyong has always led a life of fortune, fun and women but he's never experienced what most people have at least once in their life time and that is love. Why you ask? Because in his life there is no room for love, love is an emotion that complicates things and he doesn't need or want it. All he's ever needed from any woman was what she could offer to him. And that meant she had to be of the highest caliber good bloodline, wealth and prestige and a good standing in the community but the most important was bloodline because only the best blood suited his taste. Or so he thought. How will his perfect life spiral once he meets the beautiful Lee Chaerin?
366 printed pages
Original publication


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