The Path of the Beatitudes a New Beginning, Sr.Robert H.Pish
Sr.Robert H.Pish

The Path of the Beatitudes a New Beginning

The power, elegance and simplicity of the Beatitudes are remarkable among all writings of all religions. It would not be difficult to argue that the rest of the New Testament is simply a further explanation and an illustration of a life lived thru the manifestation of one who would followed the path of the Beatitudes and the results of not doing so. That this may not be immediately obvious is only an indication that understanding the path of spiritual development contained in the Beatitudes requires a certain preparation. St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and others stated that the Beatitudes are the steps that must be climbed for spiritual development. This book describes the preparation required for one who would understand and follow the Path of the Beatitudes and gives glimpses of the nine steps in practical terms that the reader can verify through personal experience.
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