Search for Truth: The Seeker Begins, Bryan Radzin
Bryan Radzin

Search for Truth: The Seeker Begins

288 printed pages
Our minds and thoughts are like nuclear bombs. When we drop them, I mean really let go and drop them on something that allows them to flow freely, there is nothing more powerful on earth, not the toughest armies or biggest guns. If a pen is mightier than the sword, then the mind and thoughts are the ink that goes into the pen. And if we don’t spend time to gather the best quality ink, we’ll drop a dud when we try to help the world consciously evolve. Are politicians making money hand over fist because the companies that employ immigrants make truckloads of it themselves and therefore contribute more to campaigns? The vigilante types are probably linked to the corrupt politicians, who both stand to lose equally if immigrants were made legal. The politicians would lose the status quo of cheap labor they can take advantage of, and the vigilantes would have to deal with a multi-racial society; which is all meant to benefit the status quo.
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