James Siebken

Your Spiritual Birthday

Learn to celebrate your birthday! No, not your physical birthday. An even more important one—your spiritual birthday.
Every believer has a specific day where they turned their lives over to Christ and experienced the joy of salvation. On that day, they were born anew. Shouldn’t that be point of celebration every year, especially one to share with your family, friends, and loved ones?
Author James B. Siebken wants you to discover the uplifting nature of a spiritual birthday celebration, giving you the chance to point the world toward God with your praise, thanksgiving, and the joy of being born again.
Author Bio:
Jim Siebken’s spiritual birthday is Nov 3, 1960. His spiritual journey has been as a husband and grandfather in his family and as a lay leader in his church. Jim retired in 2000 as president and CEO of a consulting engineering firm. Jim’s prayer, purpose, and passion is for everyone to have a spiritual birthday and celebrate it every year forever.
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