Albeo Levesque

The Last Vow

…power, blood, greed, justice, love in….The Last Vow

Jason Vance had been away from Comeau Ridge Valley, his home, for over a decade. April Prescott, his fi rst love, his only dream, was left behind when Jason left to cast a net over his own world.

Saint André, his hometown, hadn't changed, but its people had become a society of puppets at the mercy of a powerful, self-made tyrant who had become a very dangerous man to whoever would refuse his services, especially for the properties of a few desperate and financially unstable people.

Jason had to do battle between God and the woman he still loved, battles between God and revenge against the villain who killed his parents. Every place he went, people died around him.

He had to be even stronger when he discovered a family secret that could shatter his very existence, but destroy the tyrant. e only woman who could free him had been locked away in an asylum. Jason Vance had to employ his only leave to bring justice back for the good people of Comeau Ridge Valley, even if it meant he could no longer turn the other cheek, or die for….

The Last Vow.
222 printed pages
Original publication



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