Angelo Aulisa

The World Constitution

The world constitution is one of the most beautiful book ever write in the history of humanity, self help non fiction inner guide to meditation, inner being witness consciousness to inner universal consciousness awareness, for the awakening realization of your inner being witness consciousness mirror like quality. This book is the convergence of evolution that the world need now urgent, a new dawn of civilization, empty consciousness, awareness, no labels no adjectives no contents, the empty consciousness fundamental law intrinsic to the universal body that is a pulsation of love intelligence freedom, a pulsation of sacred holy inner quality a pulsation of creativity that as never stop a split second pulsating since ever a pulsation of light waves, neutral to any interpretation of the little men unconscious asleep, is the quality creativity that animate the all forms of the universal body and living being, another fundamental law intrinsic to the universal body is the Boson Higs the quality that keep hold together the all universe and form of it and confer Mass to the particles strings and atoms and matter, without it the all universe and forms of it disintegrate instant, is the quality that the little men use to call God. In this book the nuance of this intrinsic law alchemy is describe in accuracy, and in this book the guidelines of the new world constitution of the UN that need urgent for a new way to live for the world in peace, love compassion, awareness, consciousness, in oneness mystical union with the empty consciousness, awareness, non being body incorporeal, eternity, the core and source of life and death the transcendence of life and death, men in essence in consciousness awareness beyond transcendental to the unconscious that is an impossible task almost impossible, is eternity itself immortal enlightened awake from unconscious asleep and various hypnosis, the forms die but for the formless consciousness awareness is an eternal a endless journey into eternity thank you welcome…. Angelo Aulisa
99 printed pages


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