Brass Jack: A Fine Bit of Insurrection, Robert Seutter
Robert Seutter

Brass Jack: A Fine Bit of Insurrection

The dark secret at the core of the Empire has sparked a war bridging across the dimensions…

A troubling message from Lem-Bob now informs Brass Jack that his insane friends are coming to rescue him and his comrades from military bondage. But unlike the soldiers pressed into service around him, Jack has gone into the heart of this battle willingly.

The Emperor is strained to the breaking point between the machinations of the Psi Orders and the Phantom Corps. And the Emperor’s greatest weapon, the legendary Solarian Knights, are as much a mystery to him as anyone else.

Now it's up to Jack to juggle the horrors of the Organi attacks, an Empire near the end, and a young Psi-Lord that might hold the key to stopping the Demon Wars. To be reunited with everything he has ever loved, Jack is prepared to go to Hel and back again, provided both he and the rescue crew can stay alive…
370 printed pages
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