Coping with Coronavirus: How to Stay Calm and Protect your Mental Health, Brendan Kelly
Brendan Kelly

Coping with Coronavirus: How to Stay Calm and Protect your Mental Health

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Allow pre-eminent psychiatrist Dr Brendan Kelly to help you understand and cope with the unique mental stresses of today, as we all try to deal with the threat of COVID-19, coronavirus.
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As a result, we need to bear in mind that each of us is an embedded part of something bigger than any one of us. All humans are deeply connected with each other, almost to the point that the entire human race could be usefully considered to be a single living organism. The spread of coronavirus and the panic associated with it demonstrates just how true this is. And this is a powerful argument in favour of compassion towards all sentient beings, including ourselves. The suffering of other people is continuous with our suffering – just as their happiness is continuous with ours.
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limiting the time you spend each day consuming information about the outbreak (
Mental Health, Laurie DeGiaxa-Salvi
Laurie DeGiaxa-Salvi
Mental Health
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