RD Meyer


A single spark.  That's all it takes to ignite an explosion if the conditions are right.

Today in America, conditions are right for an inferno to engulf our nation.  We no longer discuss; we screech.  We no longer tolerate; we cancel.  We no longer agree to disagree; we end relationships that have lasted years.  In short, American society is on the edge of an explosion.

Schism is about all of our anger, all of our political rage, coming to the surface in a Second American Civil War.  However, this one doesn't divide us by northern states and southern states, but rather by liberals and conservatives, urban and rural, reds and blues.  Spurred on by blog posts, news reports, and protests each side seems to participate in more out of opposition to the other side than any real principle, conditions for the spark grow more and more precarious, priming the pump of hate.

Beginning as what seems like a black and white case of terrorism, events morph into a political struggle over who steers the reins of power.  One man seeking justice for his family spins out of control and drags our nation into the abyss while the loyalties of friends, neighbors, and even families are tested against the partisan rancor that pervades society.

Once events explode into a self-sustaining fire, cities burn.  Journalists from varying outlets are executed for everyone to see.  Power plants are shuttered to cut off each side from the energy our country has become so dependent on.  And the whole time, as America is paralyzed in a struggle with itself, an ambitious military officer watches from across the ocean…
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