Daisy Rose

Billionaire Submission

Ivory is a young environmentalist who works with an international initiative to save the biggest mammals on land.

Alex is a powerful businessman intent on building his new factory in the midst of an elephant migration path.

When Ivory is sent to convince Alex to relocate, the alpha billionaire pushes her to her limits both mentally and physically. She swears she's not interested in the overconfident black male but he wakes desires she never knew she had — dark desires. To complicate matters even more, he offers her an easy way to get what she wants:

Submit to his every wish for just one hour.

What's the worst he could do in an hour?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“I'm just telling you she's not your kind of girl,” she said, her voice holding an exasperated tone that unnerved him.

“Like you weren't?” He was being deliberately cruel and he regretted the words the moment they left his lips.

He could hear her drawing in a calming breathe. “Vasquez, she's a virgin,” she said in the way of someone sharing a secret after being forced to.

He didn't particularly care for that detail. It made his loins tighten. He hadn't allowed himself the luxury of dating after breaking up with Rachel and he wasn't going to start now, especially not with a virgin, but his body was reacting differently to what he was thinking. The fact that Rachel found it necessary to warn him against the young woman only made her more desirable. “I'm not looking to date anyone, Rachel,” he said deadpanned.

“Just be careful with her, alright? She's a good girl,” she said.

He hadn't managed to say anything before she hung up the phone and he was left with a dial tone.

He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and returned to work. If he had more time, he would have researched into the group but he didn't manage to find the time to satiate his curiosity before she showed up at the door, looking so out of place that it took his breath away.

“You must be Mr. Vasquez,” she reached over the giant desk to shake his hand. He remained seated, too stunned to move and she retracted her hand with a look of disappointment.

Her dress was unbranded, a cream-colored v-neck monstrosity that clung to her breasts and flared out after her small waist. Her hair was a beautiful, wonderful mess of blonde hair that looked like she had just walked out of a plane and gotten straight to his office. Her duffel bag in one hand confirmed his thoughts. It was almost refreshing to find a woman not trying to impress him.

There was fear in her beautiful wide eyes. It was something he could quickly grow addicted to.
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