Ahmad M. Bakarmoom

The Day the Lamp Went Off

Tom is an old man who works as a graveyard watcher in a small unknown village in Ireland. He was there for forty years. All this time, he was living in the cemetery, alone with no family; his only human companions were in the people village that he see them often and that was the weak human touch in his life. The strong human touch was with the village's priest, father “Mackenzie,” who was an old good friend with the graveyard watcher. Village people were calling him Ancient Tom, and he really liked this name very much as well as his very routine life. It looks like his life will go like this forever. Then came a night, a night like no other, when Ancient Tom receives a visit from someone outside the village, someone that asks for the old graveyard watcher's help, and Ancient Tom does so gladly. In a night that looks it'll never end, Ancient Tom faces another surprise that almost blows his mind off. And once again, he does his best to make this night pass in peace-but fate has another opinion. As that night passes with him being frantic, suffering from terror, the next day came carrying with him the shocking news that was the first in a chain of horror that the old man will be bent with it for the rest of his life.

491 printed pages
Original publication



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