Rebecca S.Parkinson

The Mystery of Pocomo Meadows

The residents of Nantucket are beginning their summer season when a series of sinister events rock the island. Someone or something is making people disappear. Successful landscape artist Marci Longmeadow's best friend and mentor Priscilla Taylor is missing. Overnight, several families simply vanish. The police think Marci and her husband Josh know something they're not sharing. In Boston, the studio of Marci's mother, Lyrica Kea, is robbed and several vintage photographs of the Taylors' Nantucket house and barn disappear. In their place, detectives find a prized collection of photographs recently reported missing from the villa of a wealthy financier. Is someone out to frame Lyrica? Could it be the result of a vendetta? The hungry tabloids pounce on the story eager to defame this beautiful, celebrated photographer who seems to have it all. Hoping to escape the paparazzi, Lyrica and her husband retreat to a private island in the Caribbean. But are they safe? Now the Keas' daughter Becki is being harassed and stalked. Her father hires a body guard, Daniel Keelan, to protect her. But Becki isn't sure she trusts him. Or is it that she can't trust herself around his charm and good looks? From a private Caribbean island, to downtown Boston and Nantucket Island, members of this unconventional family confront challenges of trust, passion and personal choices as they join forces in a race against time to solve the robbery and disappearances. What they uncover is something so powerful it can alter people's lives without their knowledge or consent. REBECCA S. PARKINSON has vacationed on Nantucket since she was a child. An artist and a writer, she has traveled the globe painting landscapes that span tropical islands to the mountains and lochs of Scotland. The pristine natural beauty of the Island's moors and water inspired her first book, “Familiar Paths The Island Parables,” also from Sunstone Press. This second book, also taken from her travels, welcomes the reader into the delightful, close knit community of Nantucket and once again instills a deep reverence for its natural beauty. The painting on the cover is one of the many marshes Rebecca has painted on the island and where the mystery begins.
368 printed pages
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