Terrie Novak

Decision Doctor

Have you struggled recently with a tough decision?  
Like whether to leave a job? Get out of a relationship? Or what medical treatment to pursue? 
Maybe you’re wondering how you can best help a customer, or a friend make decisions?
Coping with complexity and change isn’t easy. It can leave anyone feeling confused, lonely, or frozen with fear.
The good news is, everything you need to get through those moments is already within you. All that it takes is awareness and plenty of practice.
In this book you’ll discover:
•    How critical thinking and intuitive thinking can be used together to create change.
•    Techniques to manage thinking traps we’re all prone to fall into.
•    The inner motivation you can tap into when you align your values with your choices.
•    How to create a simple plan that helps you make decisions at the right time and put an end the fear of making wrong decisions.
If you’re looking for ways to end that feeling of agony that comes with indecision and you’re ready to create a practice of trusting your inner wisdom, this book is for you.
Know the freedom that comes when you balance your brains response to uncertainty. 
Think and feel to overcome doubt and improve the quality of your decisions.
129 printed pages
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