Denise Cory Blake

A Family Affair

A Family affair, could just be a play on words. About an affair? About a family? In this case, about both. Which takes precedence? The family or the affair? In this, sometimes whimsical, humorous, poignant, heart— felt story, it can be said, to be all this, and more. Many diverse, vibrant, true to life plethora of characters, paragraphs of people, tread these corridors of words, which lead where? To Life, to love, to hope…. To dead-ends? Filling the pages with expectancy, desire, it tells the story primarily of a young man, Liam, and his love for Paula. She, however, is not all she would seem to be. There are many layers to her personality, and she has many men in her life. Not least being, Alistair McKendrick, Liam's father. What did Liam or his father mean to her? You will have to read the book to find out. Who would she choose? Did she want or need to? Not just a love story, far more than that! For running throughout its pages, is entwined, another, which recounts that of an ageing adventurer, Hector Carruthers, a reluctant thrill seeker, told through his journals, left to his wife Geraldine. She, never interested in his exploits, left them to gather dust, until Liam's arrival in her life, when they were resurrected, dusted down, and devoured with interest by him. Hector's story is intermingled with that of the other. Yet another layer, of the story's intricate web, to catch the imagination of the reader.
122 printed pages
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