Ester Lopez

Golden Idols

After Elena Romero's partner is shot and is in critical condition, she learns she has to baby-sit a rookie detective, Pete Cummings, but before she can argue, a robbery goes down in another part of town and she's the only available detective.
Romero and Cummings gather information on the second robbery and figure out the two robberies are connected somehow. When the clues lead to a cruise ship, the two board the ship to locate and identify the criminals, one of which is a killer.
When Romero learns her partner has died, she is called off the investigation, but ignores the Captain, because she and Cummings are already on board. They are both threatened by one of the criminals while onboard the ship and continue to find more clues. They turn over their information to an FBI agent who is also on board.
When the ship docks in Puerto Rico, just before a hurricane hits, Romero realizes the FBI are not looking for the clues she gave them and her and Cummings follow the criminals into a wooded area of Puerto Rico.
They gain entrance into a house that the two criminals get into first. Cummings is injured and Romero attempts to apprehend the criminals on her own, but learns a valuable lesson in the process. Cummings comes to, after being unconscious, and helps Romero before the hurricane takes the roof off the house.
138 printed pages
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