Seoras Wallace


William Wallace is slowly drawn into a life far removed from the peace he had known as a youth, by the constant warring and fighting between rival lords. As Scotland descends into civil unrest and strife during the interregnum, England’s King Edward Longshanks, sends his army into Scotland as “Peacekeepers of the Scotch Realm
Civil between the warring nobles once more threatens the realm in southwest Scotland, William Wallace is tasked as a young Hunter Scout Ceannard, (Commander) of the Wolf and Wildcat Gallóglaigh, to patrol the North west boundaries of Galloway and Carrick and report to the Guardian army council if Irish levies under the command of Sir Richard de Burgh, the Red Earl of Ulster, and the Norse mercenaries of Angus Óg and Aslikkør Ranald of the isles attempt to land on the west coast to join their allies the Pact forces of the son of Robert de Brix, Robert Brus, the Earl of Carrick
Under orders to avoid contact and just report, Wallace gets into conflict with the Pact supporters and he becomes involved in his first battle. Further incidents with English rule see William Wallace branded an outlaw. He is forced to flee Scotland with his friend Stephen ua Mac’Halpine to the safety of Ireland, where he soon joins with the Irish chiefs of Connaught who are fighting a war of attrition with English lords.
The impending coronation of King Alexanders’ granddaughter, princess Maighread Canmòr, the maid of Norway, upon her arrival in Scotland, sees all Scots in exile pardoned. Wallace takes the opportunity to return to Scotland to be reunited with his love the maid, Marion Braidfuite…
310 printed pages
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