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Math literally was created to problem solve. The cool thing is that Math is a science that tries to calculate the exact answer and not an approximation. This means that I am always in search of the exact answer without any kind of misdirection. Why does this matter? Life is short and we all want the most out of Life so why not calculate Happiness and Success? Why try hard for an unexpected outcome, I think that seems a little unfair don't you think? Well I figured out by using math I can calculate my Health, Income, Happiness, and my Life just by always using the principles of Math and I want to share the guaranteed success with you!
What is Mathemology?
Mathemology is a way of living using the principles of Math to derive the desired outcome that you seek. In simple terms “Get what you want out of LIFE!” If you can calculate each step, each choice, each action as much as possible, you will see yourself evolve, succeed and finally live the life you always desired. It's all in your mind.
Math is the language of GOD. It is what it is and it resembles truth which is a divine quality that we all posses and share. Focus on the solutions and watch your problems go away. Learn the principles well and share them with the people who surround you and who are closest to you. This will help create a better environment and it will be a gift that keeps giving. Be fully dedicated to doing the right thing that you consciously know is right. Do this for you and to others and the Universe will repay you even in ways that were not perceivable prior to them happening.
Using Math as a way of thinking will help you in every way that you use it. Don't be afraid to commit to the right answer and to always seek the right solution for yourself and your situation. Calculate your every move the best that you can and stay focused on your life and what your meaning is. Be true to yourself and to others at all times so that you can live a true life. Do the best you can in everything that you do and do the best for others too. Create the image in your mind of who you want to be and start right away to achieve that image don't be afraid to surpass if it may be.
No matter what there is always an answer. You can think of the hardest math equation the longest math equation the most unique math equation and no matter what there will always be an answer, even if you don't know it and even if you will never know it, but no matter what there will always be an answer. Even though the answer isn't always known or easy to come by it is important to always seek the right answer and not to settle or get deterred from the work it takes to get it. It is still always better to be close to the right answer then far away. The closer you are the easier it is to obtain, so you might not get it right away but your work always pays off. Now when you start again you have a closer starting point and now you have a better and easier chance of getting the right answer or what you want.
This is a personal guide for your life journey in this universe. Put as much effort as you can and fill it out with as much detail as you can. Keep this close to you and reference this personal book and watch yourself grow. Keep this as a record of who you are and who you want to be. Cheers!
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