Anomaly – Your Greatest Asset Is Your Differentiation, Believer's Evolution
Believer's Evolution

Anomaly – Your Greatest Asset Is Your Differentiation

ANOMALY provides an inside look at a business philosophy and strategy for making your organization and leaders look, act and behave as ‘a peculiar success factor’ by considering a specific process that is not for the faint at heart. The lessons outlined in this quick read take on an approach that’s radically different from other business books and when applied correctly, you won’t find yourself playing in the same league as readers of those other books. The biggest take-away from this text will make you start to think different right from the inside cover’s statement: “differentiation in the world means you must be different from the world to win!”
Here are 3 lessons from the book:
1. The greatest improvements stem directly from leadership as a “code” to establish your game plan.
2. Visionaries are better served when they can go beyond best practices.
3. Right-time growth is extraordinarily good when it is “Better-Best” for all to learn.
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14 printed pages
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